DrumWild.comCelebrating 20 years [1999-2019]

Recording with Karma McCartneyFounded in 1999, DrumWild.com has been the home to drummer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dan Snellenbarger.

Dan's music journey started in the late 1960s, and involved drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and music production. His passions have shifted over the years, from marching band, to live performance, to recording, to musicals, and focus on guitar studies. Classified as a "rock" performer, Dan often defies this classification, as is evidenced in his activities.

Since the creation of this site, a lot of things have changed. At the same time, lots of things changed before the creation of this site. But the thing that remains constant is Dan's passion for music as a form of expression, as well as socialization and connection to others. Explore, enjoy, and feel free to write if you wish. Thank you for visiting.




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