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Recording with Karma McCartneyFounded in 1999, DrumWild.com is the home to drummer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dan Snellenbarger.

The journey began while sitting still in a semi-upright position, when one eye opened and light entered the iris. The earth shook, the wind blew, the rivers raged, and the lens captured the activity for later reporting.

Later, in 1998, Hollywood producer and fellow drummer Jimmy Hunter [80s drummer, musician, engineer, producer, and owner of Cazador in Hollywood] dubbed me "DrumWild," after an encounter on Yahoo Chat. He felt that the name "BassManDan98" was not representative of me. As he put it, "You're a drummer, and you're a wild man, so your name should be DrumWild." The following year, DrumWild.com was created and registered, and the name has stuck ever since.

New events are occurring at every waking and sleeping moment, ready to emerge as a sound, within a word, or as an image. The value is not implied, but instead is discovered by those who seek it. The context of value is a mutually-shared delusion, as is money, musical instruments in tune with one another, a fan base, or the concept of "me," "you," and the "self."

And then I said and then



Noodle Muffin Releases Regime Change Long Live The Spin Time to Retox Karmic Bitchslap Morning In America [Video]

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Secret, at The Gig West LA ,July 21, 2000 Noodle Muffin at The Blue Saloon, June 15, 2002

Andrea at Molly Malone's, April 17, 2004 Andrea at Club Lingerie, May 17, 2004


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