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Tracking with Noodle Muffin

BLOG UPDATED 02/22/2017: Dan continues working with Noodle Muffin, most recently tracking drums, guitar, banjo, keyboard and other instruments for their 2017 musical release, "Meatbowl and The Donut Throne." This is a musical, complete with a script, characters, and orchestral tracks recorded in Las Vegas Nevada. The band also released a political single in October 2016, "Morning in America," and the track has been performing well on Dr. Demento and college radio.

Dan is also drumming, playing bass, and guitar with a variety of people. Most of these endeavors are strictly for the sake of the music, and are not public events. Dan also tracks some solo things from time to time and posts them on his YouTube channel or his SoundCloud page, which features Some Loose Tracks, as well as The Mystic Dancer from the mid-90s and The Beertonez from the early 80s.

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Recording for Karma McCartney on the TJS Custom Maple

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