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NOODLE MUFFIN: Music on iTunes and the "Morning in America" music video.

Noodle Muffin Releases Regime Change Long Live The Spin Time to Retox Karmic Bitchslap Morning In America [Video]


Noodle Muffin Website

Official Noodle Muffin Website [click image]

LIVE VIDEO: Click an image to watch complete performances, broken out by song.

See full performance sets! Lapel Marching Bulldogs 1980-1984 Secret LIVE at The Gig 7/21/2000 Noodle Muffin LIVE at The Blue Saloon 6/15/2002 Andrea LIVE at Molly Malone's 4/17/2004 Andrea LIVE at Club Lingerie 5/17/2004 WHIPLADS at Blue Saloon 9/13/2001 Andrea at Molly Malone's April 17, 2004 Andrea at Club Lingerie, May 17, 2004


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