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THE YEAR OF MY BIRTH [2017]: Now available on SoundCloud, a collection of new solo material, titled "The Year of My Birth [2017]."

TRACKS [Updated 04/30/2017]:

Broken Drum Stick Blues - SoundCloud

SydACID - SoundCloud / YouTube

A Lazy G - SoundCloud

Commercial, Important, and Safe - SoundCloud / YouTube / Lyrics

Peppered In Salt - SoundCloud / YouTube / Lyrics

Take Me Seriously - SoundCloud / YouTube / Lyrics

Noodle Muffin

NOODLE MUFFIN: They're rock, pop, punk, and more. Influences include Negativland and XTC. You can hear them on The Dr. Demento Show or on college radio, as well as download or sample tracks on iTunes.

The band released a single/video in November 2016, titled "MORNING IN AMERICA," and they have a new album/musical coming out later in 2017, titled "Meatbowl and The Donut Throne." Visit their official website for more info.

DrumWild has been the primary drummer for Noodle Muffin since 2002, but has also played lead guitar, rhythm guitar, fretless bass, keyboard, vocals, and other audio delights for the band's library of recordings.

Karma McCartney

KARMA McCARTNEY: Back in the days of MySpace and Web 1.0, DrumWild was tapped to play drums with Karma McCartney, both live and on her album, titled "NOTES FROM THE SKY," which can be heard on the linked BandCamp page.

This ukulele-fronted band has a super-eclectic sound, complete with banjo, piano, bass, theremin, accordion, and more.


WHIPLADS: The band WHIPLADS had two specific iterations, with DrumWild on drums and Kevin Sherwood on guitar. THE FIRST featured guitarist Alex Austin and bassist Alan Tait, and THE SECOND featured Kevin Richardson on bass.

The band enjoyed a long run. Even today, the songs still make for fun listening.

Ruby Cassidy

RUBY CASSIDY: This goes back to the late 90s, when DrumWild met Ruby and they decided to record an album together. They hired famed Hollywood producer Jimmy Hunter and his studio, CAZADOR, to record their 8-song offering, titled, "THE MYSTIC DANCER."

The album featured guitarist STEVE CATON, of Tori Amos fame, as well as the late BOBBY BIRCH, bassist of Elton John fame.

DrumWild wrote the music for the album, served as the Music Supervisor for the recoridng sesions, and played rhythm guitar on a few tracks.

The Beertonez

THE BEERTONEZ: Going way back to 1984, this college band stormed the Ball State University campus. While playing fraternity and sorority parties, private house parties, clubs, grand openings, fundraiser events, and the Agape Festival, the band found time to make some recordings, with their song "Who Killed The Clownz" featured on the first-ever local talent compilation tape, The Muncie Sampler, which was organized, produced, and distributed by the late, great Jon Rans.

On the studio recordings, DrumWild played bass and drums, but he was the bassist for the live shows.

Live recordings of the band's original songs were recently digitized, and put into a collection titled "The Beertonez LIVE - Best of 1984-85."

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