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Spring 1966DrumWild started drumming and learning guitar and keyboard at a young age. As a grade schooler, he would study drums with John W. McMahan, author of "Readin', Ritin' & Rudiments." In junior high school, he would continue his studies with Richard Paul of Paul-Mueller Percussion Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana. His study under Richard Paul would continue into his years at Ball State University as a Percussion Arts major.

DrumWild was always active with bands, including orchestra, theatre group, jazz band, pep band, marching band, and more. He would be active with a few bands as a young adult, most notably The Beertonez, before venturing to Los Angeles in 1986.

With Robin Baxter at Club 88, circa 1987Once in Los Angeles, DrumWild took on gigs as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, and keyboard player with a variety of rock and pop bands. He would later serve as a Music Director for playwrite Angus "Mac" MacDonald for his prodution of "The Golden Fleece."

They would later co-write the musical, "In The Chips," which received high marks during its presentation at The Dorothy Chandler Paviliion. This play has since been re-incarnated over the decades, most recently in late 2016.


Ruby Cassidy and Jimmy HunterThe 90s were when DrumWild branched out a bit into the world of songwriting, most notably with Ruby Cassidy, who is known as "Mystika" in her native Philippines.

Her album, "The Mystic Dancer," was where DrumWild got a chance to work with session guitarist Steve Caton [of Tori Amos], the late bassist Bobby Birch [of Elton John], and famed Hollywood music producer, songwriter, and drummer Jimmy Hunter, in his Hollywood studio, "Cazador."

Ruby still performs songs from this album in her homeland.

Jimmy Hunter is credited with creating the moniker "DrumWild" during a Yahoo chat session, citing it as an accurate portrayal of true passion. DrumWild went with it, and created this website the following year.

The late 90s and 2000s represented a time when DrumWild got back to his drumming roots and started showcasing again with a variety of bands. He would form his own band WHIPLADS in 2001, which would end up in two different incarnations before disbanding a few years later.

Recording with Noodle Muffin, 2016In 2002, DrumWild would join Noodle Muffin to provide tour support as a drummer and backup singer for promotion of their album, "Magnum Dopus." After that, DrumWild would continue to write, record, and perform with the band on other albums, such as Regime Change, Long Live the Spin, Time to Retox, and Karmic Bitchslap." DrumWild is still active with the band today, as they work on their musical / CD, "Meatbowl and The Donut Thrown," which is slated for a late 2017 release.

Noodle Muffin has experienced a solid level of success with online sales, as well as plays on Dr. Demento's radio show. Before the election in 2016, they released their political satire single, "Morning in America."


With Fred Willard at The Wilshire Ebell Theater, 2009In 2009 and 2016, DrumWild performed with comedy legend Fred Willard at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre at a fundraising event for the Multiple Myeloma Foundation.

Today [2017], DrumWild resides in a quiet, secluded location outside of Los Angeles County, where he creates, performs, and does as he wishes, with no concerns about "label interest" or other aspects of mental illness.

He still ventures into Los Angeles to record and mix with Noodle Muffin, and is also writing and recording an ongoing series of non-commercial, off-beat, DADA audio works under the title, "The Year of My Birth [2017]," which is being updated regularly.


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